Unsolicited Testimonials


“Dr. Barton, I am happy to report that the biofeedback work I did with you has really paid off! I have had a significant decrease in asthma symptoms (able to go off medication for five days) and have been free of pain in my neck and shoulders for the past six weeks” CB

“My son really enjoyed and benefited from working with you. Thank you” DW

“I am now virtually headache free and I am now free of all medication. It’s a wonderful thing… Thank you!!” DVR

“Our work together has really made a big difference, I am able to drive my car again”

“You’ve really taught me that I really have a choice as to how I want to respond in a stressful situation and now I have a tool and a technique that is wonderful” FS

“You’re an excellent teacher! Thank you!” LT

"Seems I fell off the Biofeedback wagon sometime in December! But I was just suggesting biofeedback to one of my friends and I thought I would write to you to tell you how much better I am these days. I am on the lowest amount of Zoloft (25 mg) that I have been in a LONG time. Also, my panic attacks are under control. I feel like a new person. So thank you! " AQ



“I cannot thank you enough for your help” SH

“I have gained a profound respect for you and your profession and the incredible service you can provide”… “I was essentially crippled and you helped me heal” … “You helped me grow, were always sincere in your interest of me and were very patient and I am deeply thankful” JM

“You have helped me to make major life changes. I couldn’t have accomplished them without you. I’m in control of my life again.” RVS

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